Greek style cucumber salad

Greek style cucumber salad

This is so delicious I could eat the entire bowl, and so simple anyone can make. I get tired of the same ole cucumber and onions in vinegar so I decided to try something a little different; so here it is.  No specific amounts are used in this… just however much you want to make for as many as you want to make for.

Fresh  homegrown cucumbers ~ sliced…sometime I peel and sometimes I don’t

Fresh homegrown onions ~ sliced… I use “Candy” red onions

Fresh homegrown tomatoes ~ sliced or chunked

Pitted black olives ~ I would use homegrown…but none grow around here that I know of…

Ken’s Steak House Greek Dressing ~ I can only find this at Meijer’s

Feta Cheese ~ crumbled

Fresh ground pepper ~ to taste


I usually layer the veggies and pour on the dressing, let marinate a few hours in the refrigerator. When serving add some crumbled Feta cheese and fresh ground pepper.


**Note:  This will keep for several days and sometime when the container is empty except for the dressing…I just cut up more veggies , add to the dressing, marinate and begin again. My sister, Stephanie, likes a different variation… she uses Kraft’s Zesty Italian dressing. Then uses fresh parmesan cheese in place of the Feta, both ways are so yummy!


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