Ten~ Sheila Lukins

I guess Saturday was more than just a good day at the market, it was a lucky day for us too.  Early Saturday while Andy Terrell of Destination Booksellers was setting up his book display for the market; Kenny stopped by to see what he was up to, well he saw a book he wanted to purchase.  He bought a copy of the 2010 Farmer’s Almanac, with that purchase (like everyone else who purchased that day) he registered for a free cookbook give-a-way.  Well to my surprise later that afternoon we got a call from Destinations and we had won.   I stopped by today and this is the book we received.

I started looking through the book and boy is it gonna be fun trying her recipes.  It has great photos which will make your mouth water.  I’ll be sure and share some recipes with you as I begin cooking with her. 

If you’re out and about in downtown New Albany be sure and stop by, take a gander through the bookstore, have a cup of tea  and check out this hidden gem right here in your own back yard.  Destination Booksellers has this book and many more like it that you may wish to add  to your personal library.  You can also visit them on the web at  http://destinationsbooksellers.com/

Thanks Destinations, this book will find a  great space among my hundreds of other cookbooks.  I have been collecting them since I was in high school…and that’s been a lot of years.

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