Six different kinds of lettuce

 Our lettuce is looking great for this time of year and we will be bringing some to the New Albany Farmer’s Market tomorrow. This first planting consist of Red Oak Leaf, Butter Crunch, Black seeded Simpson,  Salad Bowl, Kentucky Bibb, and Grand Rapids.  We are picking three of the six varieties this week.   Stop by and pick up a bag or two.


We have agreed to grow a variety of lettuce for the new local restaurant Artesia, and  have come to realize that Kenny planted a ” bunch” of  lettuce and we now have an abundance of lettuce to get moving. (

I contacted a couple of other local restaurants and they have aggreed to purchasing form us as well.  Patticakes Pies & Cafe ( has already started purchasing and using our lettuce in her wonderful salad selections.  Check her out on Facebook, she post her specials daily. Josh at the Bank Street Brewhouse is getting lettuce at the first of the week to use in his salads also. 

Thank goodness for the relationships we have formed with our local chefs, they are an asset to the New Albany Farmer’s Market, Downtown New Albany and to Russell Veggies.  I’m glad that they believe in buying local and supporting us and other local farmers.  We certainly appreciate their business.


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