Fall Display Using Our Antique Apple Boxes

Yesterday was a great day at the market, the weather was perfect  and fall was in the air.  We had lots of vendors set up and selling their wares and loads of patrons shopping and enjoying the day.  It truly is a gathering place for the community, it’s so nice to see  familiar faces as well as new ones every week.  I especially love looking up and seeing the group of firefighters walking through the market, or the mayor stopping by to say hello and make a purchase.  It makes me proud to be a vendor  and know that we are all appreciated.

Antique Apple Boxes

If you are a regular at the market I’m sure you noticed the change in our booth this weekend, we have officially changed over to our fall look.  I love this time of year and get excited when we bring out our antique apple boxes for our display.  They are original boxes  used to ship apples accross the country in the 1930’s and 40’s.  We were lucky enough to find them some fifteen or so years ago and I finally got to show them off when we started selling at the Farmer’s Market.  If you haven’t seen them yet you need to stop by and take a look at them sometime in the next month, they truly are works of art.

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