Celebrate Indiana’s GOING LOCAL WEEK 2010 by eating one Indiana local food at each meal. By consciously choosing locally grown and produced foods you’ll enjoy fresher and more varieties of food, get in touch with the seasonality of the Indiana food shed, protect the environment and help support the local Indiana economy.

Here are some suggestions you  and your family can do to  celebrate going local on a personal level.

  • Visit a farm, farm market, or a farmer’s market in your area. (We are having special activities at the New Albany Farmer’s Market on September 11th, more info to come)
  • When dining out choose restaurants that support our local producers by offering local food items on their menus.
  • Host a local foods pitch-in and ask everyone bring a dish made primarily with local foods.
  • Bring in fresh Indiana melons for the staff instead of donuts during the week.
  • Have an office potluck lunch where everyone brings in something they’ve made with local ingredients.
  • Go to an after work “happy hour” at a local winery or brewery.
  • Get together with your friends at work and take turns that week bringing a local food dish to share for lunch.
  • Choose to switch one of your pantry or refrigerator staples such as dairy products or eggs to one from a local producer.
  • Go to a U-pick.
  • Preserve some fruits or vegetables for winter use.
  • Invite some friends over for a local food cooking activity — make a pie with apples you purchased at the market, make bread or muffins with Indiana flour or cornmeal, or make tomato sauce or juice with last of the season Indiana tomatoes.

The opportunities are endless to what you and your friends and family can do to participate in GOING LOCAL.

This just in…  here are some of the activities planned for “Going Local” at the New Albany Farmer’s Market.

  Iron Chef competition… Local chefs showing off their talent

Watermelon eating contest…who wouldn’t want to participate in that

Zucchini 500 race…a fun competition for the kids

The Magic Nate… magician from Ohio coming to entertain us all  


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