Zucchini 500

What an end to a great Going Local Week, we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The rain held off and the people came  to enjoy the day.  The Farmer’s Market is starting to wind down for the season, but you would have never know that yesterday.

The day started with the kids gathering around to build their “race cars”, each child got to chose their own zucchini to decorate and add wheels to compete in the race.  It was so popular that we had to have several different heats before the final race could be ran to award one actual winner.

Watermelon eating contest...dig in!

Then another ever popular event was under way,  the watermelon eating contest. The crowd was not as big for this event but those participating had a great time.  The picture tells the story.

The grand finale was The Iron Chef competition, four local chefs competed using local farmer’s produce.  My favorite chef, Josh Lehman from the Bank Street Brewhouse,  has been a regular customer of ours since the Brewhouse opened. Josh visits the market every Wednesday and Saturday to purchase fresh produce for the restaurant (http://www.newalbanian.com/bankstreetbrewhouse.html).  He  made  a salad yesterday with our heirloom tomatoes and fresh watermelon, it was gorgeous.  It didn’t win in the appetizer/salad category but his main entree was a winner.

Josh at work, his three prepared dishes (white plates front of picture),  and the judges doing their jobs.




The New Albany Tribune had a terrific article today if you didn’t read it, here is the link…http://newsandtribune.com/homepage/x305042110/Iron-Chef-competition-highlights-New-Albany-s-Farmers-Market 

Our very own local FOX41 carried a quick video on our Going Local, you can check it out here…http://www.fox41.com/Global/story.asp?S=13137678

Yesterday was a great day at the market,  we’re looking forward to next year’s “Going Local Week



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