Buttercrunch Head Lettuce

Lettuce is a vegetable that would be good to add you your diet. Most people can have positive benefits by adding more lettuce to their diets. Lettuce is green leafy and full of good nutrients that keep our bodies strong and healthy. The fresher the lettuce the better it is for us, so if you are able to have a garden to grow lettuce it’s a good idea to do.  If you can’t grow your own, pick it up at your local farmer’s market. Lettuce is a tasty addition to most meals. It is great to have a salad made of different kinds of lettuce.
Lettuce comes in many different varieties. Head lettuce is very popular, it is tasty and easy to wash and fix into a nice salad.  Leaf lettuce is better for you. Leaf lettuce is ready to eat in about forty five days after you plant it. Leaf lettuce is heat resistant so it is a good choice for hot climates. The leaves of the leaf lettuce are curly and a light green color. Leaf lettuce goes well in a salad and is good to mix with other lettuces and salad fixings.

Another variety of lettuce is the Black Seeded Simpson. Black Seeded Simpson lettuce is easy to grow and is a very popular variety of lettuce. It is ready to eat in about forty five days after planted.  It can be used all season long if you keep it properly picked.

When you plant a lettuce garden you can plant several different varieties of lettuce together. Then you can pick the different varieties of lettuce all at one time to make a tasty salad with many different types of lettuce in it. You can also plant spinach or endive in a lettuce garden for added variety. If you don’t have space outdoors for a lettuce garden you can grow in pots on your decks or patios.

When lettuce is cut fresh and severed right away it gives you vitamin K. Vitamin K is an important vitamin in the healing of wounds. Lettuce can help you heal from surgery or other cuts. Eating fresh Lettuce every day is a good habit to get into. The fresher lettuce is the better it is for you.


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