So Easter is coming up rather fast and a few people have asked me how you go about coloring brown eggs. My first response is, “Oh my goodness? Have you ever just looked at them in the basket? They’re beautiful just the way they are!”

For starters, you can color them just like any old white egg. You know how the yolks of those farm fresh, pastured poultry are just a richer, deeper, more satisfying color than the store bought eggs? Well, it’s kind of like that when you compare dyed white eggs to dyed brown eggs. The eggs in the top row were originally white. The eggs in the bottom row were brown eggs dyed in the same dyes for the same amount of time to show the color difference.

farm eggs dyed

These were dyed using the directions on the back of the food coloring box: one half cup water, one teaspoon vinegar and 20 drops of food coloring, in varying combinations.

Have fun and happy coloring!

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