It’s going to be a wonderful weekend for the New Albany Farmer’s Market. Come join us from 10-12 under the pavilion. Again this week we will have plenty of farm fresh, free range eggs along with Kenny’s greens. Greens include… kale, spinach, brazing greens, beet greens and baby lettuce. It’s asparagus time, he will have more and spring onions… maybe  a few surprises as well.

A little sneak peak of what Kenny has been up to this winter… great Birthday, Derby, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas. And it’s never to early to start holiday shopping!

Just a reminder, we have plenty of our home preserved items available… home-made jams, assorted pickles, pickled beets, pickled okra, pepper relish, chow-chow, candied jalapenos, cowboy candy relish, salsa, pasta sauce, chili base and apple pie filling. E-mail me for any additional information or to place an order~

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday,

Val & Kenny

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