IMG_1633Thanks everyone for a wonderful season it’s been incredible.  We appreciate all of the support, and cherish each relationship that was developed this season.

We have decide not to participate in this year’s winter market, but still plan on providing you with fresh lettuces, spinach, kale, Swiss chard and EGGS.  Our lettuces are still a couple weeks away from being ready to cut, and we have just begun cutting spinach. We will still have sweet potatoes, some winter squashes and some potatoes available.

I will be making deliveries a couple time a month downtown and will keep you informed via e-mail of days, times and produce available. However, this week I will be doing an “egg drop” only.   If you need eggs, just let me know and I will meet you under the pavilion from 11-11:45 this Saturday.

Thanks for your patronage,

Val & Kenny

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