Team 1...Lamb & Eggplant

What a great time we had at the Indiana State Fair. Our culinary team of students didn’t win but we all got an awesome certificate. Here is the press release from Indiana Farm Bureau…

Indiana Farm Bureau


 August 23, 2011

Chefs from Ivy Tech-Muncie turn local products into winning dish

A team of future chefs from Ivy Tech in Muncie, Ind.,. paired up with two Hoosier farmers to win this year’s Savor the Flavor, a culinary competition that showcases locally grown meats and produce from throughout Indiana. The annual event is sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau.

The cooking challenge, held Aug. 18 at the Indiana State Fair, paired teams of student chefs with Indiana farmers and their products. The results of those kitchen collaborations were served to and voted on by guests at an evening reception in the Farm Bureau building.

The winning team included students Ryan Bell, Samantha Karas and Eric Rodgers, who prepared a nut-crusted and fruit-stuffed pork loin with roasted watermelon/fruit salsa and fried pickled watermelon rind. Ron and Susan Orebaugh from Orebaugh Farms in Muncie, Ind., provided the pork, and the watermelon came from Whitney and Autumn Horrall’s Melon Acres Inc. in Oaktown, Ind.

“I’m always surprised and delighted by the delicious dishes these students come up with,” said IFB President Don Villwock. “And while I enjoy the eating part of the event, watching these future chefs work with our member farmers is really the best part of Savor the Flavor.”

The Ivy Tech team received a $500 cash prize for its creation.

Voters couldn’t decide between the duck and the fish, which created a tie for second place. Only one vote separated the two teams from the winners. The second place teams each took home a $150 cash prize.

The Art Institute of Indianapolis, with Josh Ridlen, Patrick Milburn and Cody Hileman, prepared duck breast, haricot verts, a tomato confit salad and potatoes gratin.  They teamed up with Janelle Deatsman of Maple Leaf Farms in Milford, Ind., for the duck, and Kevin and Linda Baird of Cornucopia Farms in Scottsburg, Ind., for the potatoes.

Purdue University’s Mike Brown and Dominique LeBlanc Beers prepared an olive oil-poached tilapia with a sofrito of tomato and chorizo. John Metz, Kevin Boyer and Jim Guylas of Northern Indiana Aquaproducts in Elkhart, Ind., provided the tilapia, and the Boilermaker team used tomatoes from Neil and Tashney Moseley’s Pleasant Acre Farms in Clarks Hill, Ind.

Other competitors were:

  • Andrew Esposito, Jessica Frankus and Stephanie Soots from the Chef’s Academy, paired lamb from Terry and Jane Knudson’s Viking Farms LLC, Morristown, Ind., and eggplant from Kenny and Val Russell, Russell Veggies, Borden, Ind.  They created a char siu bao.
  • Emily Green, Jaylenn Jones and Rodlee Lancaster from the Art Institute of Indianapolis paired beef from Tom and Kathryn Holten’s Red Barn Farms, Greencastle, Ind., with sweet corn from Beth Scholer, Heartland Premium Produce, Anderson, Ind.  The team created a corn arepas with smoked beef chorizo and roasted corn pico de gallo.
  • Mark Fry, Grant Michael and Josh Patmore from Ivy Tech in Muncie, Ind., paired beef from Clark Sennett, Sennett Cattle Company, Waynetown, Ind., and peppers from Nick and Ruth Zandstra of Zandstra Farms, Highland, Ind. The team prepared a deconstructed bacon cheeseburger and fries with pickled pepper slaw.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tiffany Obrecht

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