Fall is here!

Fall is officially  here and it looks like another great weekend for the New Albany Farmer’s Market… nice cool autumn weather with great fruits and vegetables for your family.

This Saturday at the market we will have plenty of  tomatoes (Kenny has about 70 more Heirloom tomato varieties that are slowly ripening…), sweet corn, green beans -“Blue Lake” and “Roma”, okra, eggplant, peppers (it’s pepper season… we will have over 10 varieties, from the mildest to the hottest) zucchini-both golden as well as the traditional type, “Candy” onions, summer squash, cucumbers, Red Pontiac  and sweet potatoes.  With cool fall weather brings wonderful fall squashes… acorn, buttercup, spaghetti and butternut.  We will have many to choose from.

It’s apple time…we will have some of our first picked apples of the season. Our Mutzu apples are a larger semi-sweet crisp apple, great for baking, sauce, drying and freezing; they are now available as well as Golden Delicious and Red Delicious.

If anyone needs produce and would like me to make them a basket to have ready, just e-mail me and let me know early in the day Friday. I will have your order ready when you arrive on Saturday morning.

We also have a “Basket of the week” which includes a little bit of everything available the current week.  The “Weekly Basket” run $25 and always includes fruit when available.

Thanks for supporting us with your purchases at the market,

Val & Kenny


P. S.   Don’t forget to pick up your farm-fresh, free-range eggs at the market as well.  We have chicken, quail and now duck eggs available.

Farm Fresh - Free Range Eggs

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