We have been invited  to participate in “Savor the Flavor – A VIP Taste from Indiana Farms”, an event sponsored by Indiana Farm Bureau. This event will take place at the Indiana State Fair in the Farm Bureau building .  “Savor the Flavor” is a unique event made to showcase local Indiana farms and their products along with the culinary talents of young chefs.


  • This VIP event will take place on Thursday, August 18th, 2011
  • Participation in this event allows Russell Veggies  to be 1 of 16 Indiana farms highlighted
  • During the event, we will  have the chance to interact with State Legislators


For the event,  they will be pairing our  product (and also another farm’s protein  product) with a student chef team from culinary schools including Ivy Tech, The Culinary Institute, the Chef’s Academy, and the Purdue HTM program.  Each student chef team will prepare a dish that highlights the products that they are given. Example: Ivy Tech may be given pork and sweet corn; and the team will create a dish that showcases these two ingredients. Teams will be competing for an overall grand champion title; this will be determined by attendees of the event voting for their favorite dish at the end of the night.  Russell Veggies will be providing various types of eggplant as our chosen produce.   These young chefs are people that will someday be running restaurants across Indiana, and making connections with these young people today can lead to larger opportunities in the future.  This also gives the young chefs a chance to interact with us, the local farmers.

Our presence at the “Savor the Flavor” event is huge!  They  are not just looking for products; they are looking for producers and their families who can come to the event and be the face of Indiana farms. This is an invite-only VIP event. They are expecting 350 to 400 people with the main audience being State Legislators. As many of you know, these are the people that make the rules and regulations that we as farmers must live by, so giving them the chance to understand who we are and what we do is a key factor down the road.

We are looking forward to this event and will be telling you all about the results in an upcoming post.  I also hope to get some wonderful recipes using eggplant to pass on to all our eggplant lovers.

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