Easy Cheesy Potato Soup

This easy cheesey potato soup recipe  is perfect for when the weather forecaster is predicting a hefty snowstorm coming our way. You’ve   heard that before but you decide not to give into the panic shopping that takes place across the region.  Just take a look around your cupboard and throw this easy soup together.  You’ll be surprised how good it turns out.


4 large potatoes

1 quart milk (4 cups)

1/2 to 1 diced onion

1 rib of celery diced

1 small carrot diced

4 Tablespoons butter

1 teaspoon salt

1 Tablespoon (heaping) flour

1 eight ounce cream cheese

Dash of pepper


  1. Cut potatoes into small pieces and cook in salted water, with the onions celery and carrots.
  2. In a heavy pan melt the butter over low heat.  Stir in flour and cook until bubbly.
  3. Slowly add half of the milk.  Add hot, cooked potatoes and onion mixture.
  4. Use a potato masher to break up potatoes a bit.  Add the rest of the milk and the salt and pepper.
  5. Cook over medium heat until hot.  If  it is not thick enough, add 1 tablespoon of flour with 1/2 cup cold milk and add to the soup, stir frequently.
  6. Cut cream cheese into cubes and add to soup, garnish with fresh parsley or chives.


Note :  I always keep a bag of  Mirepoix ( a French name for a combination of onion, celery and carrots) in the freezer as a quick soup starter.  You can pick it up at any grocery store in the freezer section.

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