If you’ve never tried them, you must, they’re a creamy, sweet, nutty, summertime treat (some even say they taste like artichoke).  It’s kind of a shame to cut them because  the original flying-saucer shape is so fun and unique but truth be told, I was just looking for a quick clean and delicious side dish and was not focused on presentation but more on time and taste.

I gave them a quick steam/saute – that’s when I treat them as if I am going to saute them but add some water and pop a lid on it to speed up the process (which is technically a steam). Then right before they are done cooking I remove the lid and allow the water to evaporate. Then I add  some olive oil and finish the saute. This allows me to use less oil.

Patty Pans are definitely and ingredient that doesn’t need a lot of fuss. A little fresh herb (in this case dill) along with a kiss of oil and garlic and I have a taste-sensation!

You could easily elevate this side to a main dish by adding some fresh halved cherry tomatoes and serving it spooned over grilled fish or chicken. If you wanted a little more substantial… try it tossed with some pasta and parmesan!

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