Heirloom Tomatoes 7-21-12aTomato-mania – 1000 Tastes

Join the New Albany Farmers Market Saturday August 27th as we celebrate tomato season and all the yumminess that comes along with it.  What yumminess you ask?

Start with 10 Amazing Farms growing all varieties of tomatoes, add in a little basil (from other astounding farmers), olive oil and balsamic vinegars (from 2 awesome vendors), and don’t forget the cheese (from 3 more incredible vendors)!  Sounds like a party doesn’t it!

From 9 to 10:15 am we will offer tastes of all the tomato types available to us.  We ask that you mark our sheet with your feedback.  The “gourmet” taste which includes cheese, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and surprise veggies will be the reward for each person joining us. 

Please join us for this fun filled day, and check out our special “tasting tables” from Green Earth Outfitters.

tomatoestomato basil saladTomato - Watermelon Salad (2)

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