egg drop 10Well this Saturday marks our last “Egg Drop” of the season… but Saturday May 9th is the official opening day of the 2015 Farmer’s Market. It’s going to be a great year!

Spring has truly sprung now and summer is soon to come… we will have fresh cut asparagus this weekend and possibly some fresh radishes.  We had some of each already this week and they are delicious.  The radishes were a bit on the small size so Kenny may hold off pulling them until next weekend.  He will be cutting some rhubarb for the first time this week too.

We just picked up our 25 news hens today, they are about 13 weeks old and cute as can be.  It will be awhile until they start laying but we still have plenty old girls laying.  Stop by for your fresh eggs this weekend.

Market runs from 10am – noon, on Bank Street this week, then we return to the regular hours on the 9th.  This Saturday we will also have greens available… kale, spinach and baby lettuce. We will bring some of our Jams and Jellies as well. Let me know what your needs are and I will have your order ready when you arrive. E-mail me for any additional information ~ .

I know of several vendors who will be set up with great products as well… 3D Valley Meats, Hensley Homegrown,  Family Spirits Homestead-aka…”Jelly-Lady” and Grass Corp.- dairy products, meats and soap. With the weather improving there are likely to be other vendors there as well.

Have a great week and we will see you Saturday.

Val & Kenny

12 week olds

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