egg drop7aIt seems like everything has sure greened up the past few days, Kenny is loving being out and about in the greenhouse and gardens. It won’t be long before veggies will be plentiful once again. Kenny is trying to get a jump on things… he planted 5 rows of green beans and set out 24 heirloom tomatoes today.  Hope we don’t get another cold snap!  The chickens are loving this weather, we are seeing egg production going up and up. We should have plenty of eggs for this weekend.

Market runs from 10am – noon, on Bank Street rain or shine. The Farmer’s Market expansion project is beginning to take shape, hopes are it wont last he entire season.  This Saturday we will also have greens available… kale, spinach and baby lettuce. We will have our Jams and Jellies available too. Let me know what your needs are and I will have your order ready when you arrive. E-mail me for any additional information ~ .

I know of several vendors who will be set up with great products as well… 3D Valley Meats, Hensley Homegrown,  Family Spirits Homestead-aka…”Jelly-Lady” and Grass Corp.- dairy products, meats and soap. With the weather improving there are likely to be other vendors there as well.

Have a great week and we will see you Saturday.

Val & Kenny

tomato flats

Kenny’s tomato plants are looking good!


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