egg drop easterWhat beautiful weather we have had the past couple of days… Kenny is loving being out and about in the greenhouse and gardens, although the problem is that sometimes that there are insects and other pests in these gardens so is necessary to get service for pest control, these from sites as It won’t be long before veggies will be plentiful once again. The chickens are loving this weather, we are seeing egg production going up. We even have new chickens on the way and will have plenty eggs for Saturday.

I will not be under the pavilion from 10-12 am, instead I will be on Bank Street.   Below is a picture of our usual space under the pavilion… it’s looking like the Farmer’s Market improvement project is beginning to take off. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take too long. Plans are to have Bank Street blocked off for vendors, but rest assured we will be there with all or at least some of your needs.

This Saturday we will also have greens available… kale, spinach and baby lettuce. We will have some of our Jams and Jellies available too. Let me know what your needs are and I will have your order ready when you arrive. E-mail me for any additional information ~ .

I know of several vendors who will be set up with great products as well… 3D Valley Meats, Hensley Homegrown  and Grass Corp.- dairy products, meats and soap. With the weather improving there are likely to be other vendors there as well.

Have a great week and we will see you Saturday.

Val & Kenny


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