Russell Vegies (14)Russell Vegies (14)Well Harvest Homecoming has ended and we are ready to finish out this year’s farmer’s market.  We have two more weeks remaining for the season, and sad to say that the six inches of rain we had this week has been hard on the crops. We should have plenty of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  Plus we will have lots of greens… Swiss chard, kale, spinach and baby lettuce.

We have loads of fall/winter squashes available… spaghetti, acorn, butternut, etc… also available this Saturday: a few green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, “candy” onions, radishes -Pink Beauties, Daikon and watermelon- turnips, beets and some of Kenny’s pepper varieties.

We are finished picking apples and will have Red and Golden Delicious and a few Johnathon apples this week.  All of these are great for cooking, eating and apple butter making. Don’t forget we have local harvested Chestnuts available… while supplies last.

Don’t forget to pick up your farm-fresh, free-range eggs at the market and bring by the little ones for their annual “mini” pumpkin!

“Basket of the Week” customers ~ please remember to bring back your baskets.  As the harvest season winds down, we have decided to discontinue our “Basket of the Week” program for the year. We will however still offer pre-orders as usual. Our last “Baskets” still looked awesome, but this cool/wet weather has all but ended most of our summer crops. We look forward to offering them again next season. A huge thank you to all those who participated this year!

Thanks for your patronage,

Val & Kenny


Final "Basket of the Week" for the 2014 season

Final “Basket of the Week” for the 2014 season

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