004For years I worked for the Kentucky State Fair in the Media Office, my job was to help publish the results from all the 4-H entries as well as the open class entries. I admired all the entries and ribbons awarded and  always wanted to enter my canned goods at the fair but never seemed to get around to it.  Finally this year I took the time to get some information and requirements for the local 4-H fair, I then decided that since we were canning anyway… what the heck enter a few items and see what happens.

Well I have to say, for the first time… we didn’t do too bad.  I entered Kenny’s pickled beets, his canned tomatoes and green beans as well as a couple of my jams (Strawberry Gooseberry and Spiced Blueberry), “Dilly” beans and our joint effort homemade pasta sauce and chipotle black bean and corn salsa.  I thought with all those entries we might win something and to our surprise we did!  Our canned goods received two honorable mention, two third space, three second place and one first place ribbons. Our chipotle black bean and corn salsa receives a First place, Division Champion, and Grand Champion Ribbon.

Kenny was so proud, he couldn’t believe it when we went to the 4-H fair on Monday evening and saw all the ribbons. I think he has told everyone at the market and beyond about the ribbons. This weekend we will be bringing the winning entries and ribbons to the market for display,  I guess he will be bragging again.

This was a great experience, and I learned a few things I needed to do to make an even better presentation for future entries.  I am already thinking of new items to preserve for next years judging. I may even do a bit more research and see about entering in the Indiana State Fair in the next year or two. Winning a State Fair ribbon maybe an additional goal worth reaching towards.

We will have some of these delicious items as well as others available for purchase if you would like to try them for yourself, just ask us or email us for more information.

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