001We have been quite productive around the homestead this week.  We have been getting tomatoes for a couple of weeks and not selling all of them on Wednesdays so we decided to put them to use. Kenny and I made several batches of salsa, both our regular “Medium” as well as our “Chipotle Black bean and Corn”.  As the tomato season progresses we will add additional items such as our  homemade Spaghetti Sauce and Chili Base.

Sometimes when it rains it pours… strawberries were in with a vengeance the last couple of weeks so I made jam… my very popular Strawberry Balsamic, then something new… Strawberry Basil and last night I tried another old time recipe… Strawberry Gooseberry. Much to Kenny’s surprise he liked the new ones, especially the gooseberry.

In the mist of the strawberries ripening, the sour cherries decided to be ready too. I made Cherry jam, mostly because that is my all time favorite and we had a pretty good year for cherries.  I managed to sell some to a couple customers and keep a few for ourselves,  even managed to keep enough to make Kenny a cherry pie.

Now, today Kenny decided it was time to start picking blueberries. We picked a couple gallons today so I guess my Spiced Blueberry jam is gonna be made tonight! He tells me the black raspberries are just about ready to start picking!  Green beans are being picked now, so make way for Dilly Beans, pickles are staring to come in so that means more “Hot & Spicy” pickles along with dill, bread -n- butter and new this year we are going to try a Spicy Bread & Butter.  It looks like beets are ready for canning so Pickled Beets will also be available soon.  I wonder why everything has to be ready at once… there is no time for sleep this time of year.

All of our homemade items are available via pre-order, and we manage to have some items out on the table at the market when space permits. But as the season progresses, table space is limited… and everyone wants fresh fruits and veggies!  Be sure and ask if you don’t see jams or jellies because they are usually available.

Coming soon I hope to have a store front available on the website so you can see all the products we currently produce and have available.  I’m just waiting on Gary, my son, to get all the details lined out.  He’s the computer guru, I just fill in the blanks.

We thank each of you that support us with you purchases and hope you enjoy our homemade goodies.


Return empty jars for cash refund… $.50 for small jars ~ $1.00 for large jars.

These products are home produced and processed.  The production area has not been inspected by the State Health Department.


IMG_1702 IMG_1716 IMG_1718 IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1727 Strawberry Balsamic Jam Peach Ginger Jam Spiced Blueberry Jam Blackberry Vanilla Jam 009

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