Melons - Melons - Melons

Melons – Melons – Melons

Greeting from the Indiana State Fair…we are having a great time and can’t wait until tomorrow’s “Savor the Flavor” event.

Summer crops are about the same this week… Kenny’s home grown tomatoes, several heirloom varieties, fresh corn and green beans! We’ll also have Swiss chard, red cabbage, new potatoes, kale, zucchini – golden and green, summer squash, eggplants, green peppers, red bell peppers, candy onions, beets, and cucumbers. Kenny’s hot peppers are going to be available…jalapeños, banana peppers and a few hot mix variety. His hot peppers are slow to ripen this year, they like it “hot and dry”, two things we have not had much of lately.

We will have some fruit this weekend; peaches and melons, including our “Canary” melons . They are all delicious!

We have bushels of tomatoes ready to harvest, if anyone needs some for canning please let us know and we will be glad to bring them to the market for you.

Don’t forget to pick up your farm-fresh, free-range eggs at the market. Just a reminder that we have been selling out early each week… so come early or pre-order to make sure you get the items you need.

“Basket of the Week” customers ~ please remember to bring back your baskets and make sure to e-mail me a reminder to ensure your basket order…

Thanks for supporting us with your purchases at the market,

Val & Kenny

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