“Basket of the Week” June 8, 2013

Our baskets were a huge part of last weeks business, I believe they are  just going to continue to grow and grow.  Each week I can hardly wait to see what Kenny has harvested in order for me make them on Saturday mornings.  It’s exciting to see how they come together and how beautiful the basket becomes, they pop with such brilliant colors. Our customers seem to really enjoy receiving them.

More broccoli is in store this weekend for sure, Kenny says it ready to harvest. This is the last weekend for strawberries; they were still looking good today and we picked about 12 gallons but, the quantity may be limited do to the heat and lack of rain.  So stop by early to see if we have some still available. Along with broccoli and berries we will have  fresh English peas, cabbage, radishes, green onions, new red potatoes, kale, collards, Swiss chard and tons of squash; both green and golden zucchini as well as yellow summer squash. Cauliflower is looking great and Kenny will have more this weekend.  We should also have more beets, watermelon radishes and kohlrabi on Saturday.

We will have spinach and a limited amount of lettuce; lettuce loves the cool weather but we have harvested a lot the past few weeks limiting the supply. Kenny is trying to keep a small amount of both growing to keep our wonderful regular customers supplied, but as the temperatures rise the volume decreases as well as the taste. We will also have some fresh cut mint and cilantro.

My patio herbs pots are looking great and I have a couple still available. This weekend will probably be the last time I bring them because we are running out of room with all the veggies being harvested. Stop by this week if you need herbs for your patio or herb gardens.

Don’t forget to pick up your farm-fresh, free-range eggs at the market. Just a reminder that we have been selling out early each week… so come early or pre-order to make sure you get the items you need.

Thanks for supporting us with your purchases at the market,

Val & Kenny


beautiful watermelon radish

beautiful watermelon radish

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