I tried this with our plums this year, it’s almost ready… I’m in the process of straining and bottling now.  I think it will make excellent Christmas gifts if I ever get finished straining and get it labeled. It looks beautiful and taste even better. It’s definitely worth making if you ever get the opportunity.

2 lbs Damson plums

2 cups sugar

2 cups vodka

1 cup grappa (white brandy, or regular brandy)

2 slices lemon peel, 1/2” wide x 3” long

2  Qt Mason jars


Wash the plums well and pat them dry. This is especially important with any fruit you may purchase as it may be sprayed with pesticides.  Ours are not sprayed after the fruit sets. Remove the pits and cut into quarters.

Cut the peel from the lemon making sure to get as little of the white pith as possible.

Divide the sliced plums between the Mason jars. Add the sugar, lemon peel, vodka and grappa. Seal the jars well and shake vigorously until the sugar is dissolved.

Place the jars in a cool, dark place for two months. I’ve read recipes that take 1 month so you could have it for Christmas if you needed. Shake occasionally as you pass by, as the liqueur ages the color will turn from clear to a very dark purple.

Place a strainer over a large bowl (I use an 8-cup measuring cup) and strain out the solids. Press the liquid from the plums with a spatula, and discard the pulp. Re-strain the liqueur again through clean cotton cloth until clear, and bottle.

The liqueur is ready now, but for best results let it age for another four weeks.



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