"Fair" going eggplants

Good day to you,

We survived another record heat wave this weekend but the garden is sure struggling.  Kenny has really been working hard trying to keep the water to it and the weeds from taking over.  So far he is winning the battle by I am afraid he will loose the war!  We really need some rain, I can’t believe how everything is drying up.  The leaves are even beginning to fall from the trees and of course the grass has gone from green to brown. Considering the above average rainfall this spring, I never dreamed thing would already look so brown before August.

Back to the market… this Wednesday we will have plenty of tomatoes (“canners” are now available with advance notice), yellow summer squash, golden and green zucchini, green peppers, onions, potatoes, cabbage, hopefully some green beans, watermelons (local of course), a few cantaloupes and of course our ” Fair” going eggplants. Our blackberries are fading fast due to the lack of rain, we picked 6 gallons yesterday to fill and order and we will probably not have anymore until the weekend. We will also have peaches on Wednesday as well as Saturday.

If anyone needs me to make them a basket to have ready for pick up, just e-mail me and let me know early Wednesday.  I will have your order ready when you arrive on Wednesday.  We also have a “Basket of the week” which includes a little bit of everything available the current week.  The “Weekly Basket” run $25 and always includes fruit when available.

Thanks for supporting us with your purchases at the market.

Have a great Week,

Val & Kenny




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